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Olan Fan

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Konstnär: William Gatewood (1943-1994)

Sällsynt kvalitetsposter 61x91 cm. (Only one in stock)
Stiltypisk för konstnären med guldfolie och orientaliska influencer.

William Gatewoods art combines the iconography of the east with a western painting approach. He was born in Utah but he lived most of his life in San Francisco. In the tradition of Whistler and Klimt he incorporated his art in application of paint, inks, gold leaf, metallic foils and rice paper. Part of his vision was making his artwork available to the widest audience and consequently he really supported publication of his work in poster format. He was born 1943 and passed away already in 1994 due to complications resulting from the AIDS virus.

A Bruce McGaw Graphics publication and copyright William Gatewood 1986,
9th printing 1993.


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